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About Me

Welcome! I’m Ben, your guide at Simple Recipe Box. Here, I celebrate the joy of cooking with easy, mouthwatering recipes suitable for anyone. Based in Columbus, Ohio, I draw inspiration from our vibrant local markets, the rhythm of the seasons, and fellow food lovers’ tales.

Cooking captivated me early on, teaching me in my family’s kitchen how shared meals can unite, inspire conversations, and forge memories. These lessons carried me through a culinary career, diverse kitchen experiences, and led to Simple Recipe Box’s founding. Furthermore, for those eager to dive deeper into the culinary world, I highly recommend exploring Serious Eats for a treasure trove of cooking tips and food science insights. Join me in making every meal memorable.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Peanut Butter Mousse

Why Simple Recipe Box?

Simple Recipe Box is built on a simple belief: delicious cooking isn’t just for experts. Whether you’re experienced or new to the kitchen, you’ll find valuable insights here. My mission? To deliver straightforward recipes, enhance your skills with practical tips, and inspire you with new flavors and ingredients.

Moreover, explore International Cuisine for global flavors or enjoy the comfort of Soups & Stews. These sections aim to expand your palate and add warmth to your table. Let’s simplify cooking together, recipe by recipe.

Beyond the Blog

Away from the kitchen and keyboard, you’ll find me in my garden, tending to the herbs and vegetables that inspire my dishes. Travel also sparks my culinary creativity, allowing me to uncover and share new recipes. Additionally, photography is a beloved hobby. Through it, I strive to capture the beauty of food, aiming to ignite your passion for cooking just as much as I love sharing these moments.

Cooking Up Flavor: A Step-by-Step Guide to Bourbon Chicken

Looking Ahead

Simple Recipe Box is on a dynamic journey. My dream? To transform our online collection into a physical cookbook and grow our community with engaging cooking workshops. Sustainability lies at the heart of my cooking philosophy, driving me to champion practices that honor our planet and its resources.